I love being in nature and capturing its beauty through my lens. Red-tailed Hawks are my favorite subject to photograph. They are Majestic and powerful beyond words. The Native Indians communities revere them as sacred. It is to their belief that these beautiful creatures carry the role of visionary and embody wisdom through their all-embracing sight. They serve as messengers and remind us that we must be awake and aware. The red-tailed hawk totem is also a symbol of illumination and peace.

The world is ever changing. With so many man-made disasters, I can only hope that we can learn to respect nature-that we preserve it, enjoy it, and let it nourish our souls. I am grateful to all the creatures for teaching me about issues concerning Mother Earth. We must work together and do what is necessary to help make our planet a healthier and safer place for all of us.

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Many Blessings
Jean Shum

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